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College & Career Class

The main ingredient of "The 318" is our College & Career class that we have on Wednesday nights. When we have college class, it is geared strictly for our college and college age students. We get on their level, but aslo dig deep in the Word of God. Louisiana Tech is on the quarter system, so our college class also revolves around a quarter system. Each quarter we usually teach a series, and we also read a book each quarter. We would love to see you there and get involved with our classes.


Devotionals is something that we started not long ago. We have seen our college students grown and thrive because of this. We have devotionals at our house, where we provide a meal for the college students and teach a little devotional. Afterwards, we have a good time of fellowship. We try to do devotionals about once per month.

Fun Nights

Fun nights are another activity that we do with our college students. On our fun nights we will do anything from game nights to escape the rooms to lock-ins, etc. These nights we use as time to bond one with another in a fun atmosphere, either during fun nights or at the conclusion of the event we will have food or go eat somewhere. We also try to do these fun nights about once per month.