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Below our Pastoral staff is listed with a brief biography about each one. Currently our Pastoral staff includes Rev. Sammy Bozeman and Rev. Reggie Bozeman as our Co-Pastors.

Co-Pastor Sammy & Karen Bozeman

       Pastor Sammy Bozeman began his ministerial journey at age 17 when he attended TBC (Texas Bible College). Although he only stayed at TBC for one year, friendships were made that have lasted a lifetime. After Bible school, Bro. Bozeman began to evangelize. Not long after, he met his bride to be, Karen. Together, they evangelized for 18 years across the country preaching in more than 30 states and in over 300 different churches (more than once at most of the churches). In these revivals, they saw tremendous results, seeing thousands filled with the Holy Ghost. During his time on the evangelistic field he earned his Bachelor's Degree from ABI (Apostolic Bible Institute). Bro. Bozeman also served as the Evangelist Coordinator for the UPCI (United Pentecostal Church International) for two years.
       During his tenure on the evangelistic field, Bro. Bozeman took time out to pastor two different churches. One in Carless, Louisiana and one in Malden, Missouri. They were Pastor in Carless for about a year and a half, and they were Pastor in Malden for about two and a half years, seeing the church double during their time there. After their tenure as pastor they went back on the evangelistic field, until finally settling down in Pine Forest (Vidor) Texas to become the Assistant Pastor for six and a half years. While there, they aided in building a new building. Following this, the Bozeman's went to Montgomery, Louisiana to Pastor. They stayed in Montgomery for six and a half years. While in Montgomery, Pastor Bozeman built a new three story building, and relocated the church to the main road that travels through the town.
       Although, Bro. Bozeman had accomplished a lot, he always had a desire to start a church. He was able to do this in 2007, when he, his wife Karen, and his son Reggie came to Ruston to start a church (King's Court United Pentecostal Church). While in Ruston, the Bozeman's have seen endless blessings, King's Court now has a building on I-20 fully furnished and ready for growth. Pastor Bozeman has served on many different boards and committees in the UPCI in various fashions, and has also written over 15 books, some of which you can find in our bookstore. Bro. & Sis. Bozeman have one son (Reggie), who is still serving at King's Court United Pentecostal church with them, and they are now the proud grandparents of their only grandchild, Lucas Bozeman.

Co-Pastor Reggie, Mary, & Lucas Bozeman

       Pastor Reggie Bozeman began his ministry at the young age of 13, continuing the legacy of ministers in his family, as he followed in the footsteps of his father, grandfather, great grandfather, and many uncles who are ministers of the gospel. Bro. Bozeman Bible Quizzed many years as a child and teenager rooting him in the Word of God. Bro. Bozeman grew up on the evangelistic field. Following this, he grew up as an Assistant Pastor's son and Pastor's grandson in Pine Forest Texas. Next, he was the Pastor's son in Montgomery, Louisiana. While in Montgomery, he was unanimously named Student Pastor at the age of 17. Bro. Bozeman received his license with the UPCI (United Pentecostal Church) at age 18, making him the youngest licensed minister in the UPCI at the time.
       At the same time of receiving his license, his father was approved to start King's Court UPC (United Pentecostal Church) in Ruston. Although, Bro. Bozeman was a fresham at Northwestern State University, he went with his family to Ruston to start the church and be the Student Pastor there. Upon arrival in Ruston, he quickly transferred to Louisiana Tech University. Shortly after starting the church, Bro. Bozeman met his future wife, Mary. They began dating in 2007, and were married in 2009. Bro. Bozeman graduated from Louisiana Tech with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management in 2011. In 2013, Bro. Bozeman started a new chpater in his ministry, as he was began serving on the Global Missions board of the Louisiana District as a regional director. A position that he still serves in to this day. In 2014, Bro. Bozeman was voted to be the Assistant Pastor of King's Court UPC. Then, in 2016, he was voted to become the Co-Pastor of King's Court UPC. One of Pastor Bozeman's passions aside from preaching is drama. He has performed many dramas for other churches as well as King's Court. He has four DVD's in our bookstore on teaching the Dowel Rod ministry. He also has written several dramas, and has one of them recorded on DVD, also available in the store. He is working on many other dramas, and is also working on authoring some books and Bible Studies as well. In 2016, the Bozeman's were blessed with their first child, Lucas. They are excited about what God is doing in Ruston at King's Court UPC.

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