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Old Paths Youth Revival

We decided that we enjoyed our Youth Pastor preaching the opening service to kind of set the tone, so our Youth Pastor, Rev. Reggie Bozeman opened up "Old Paths" by preaching, "Finding The Old Paths".  The second night, credited to the theme of "Old Paths" we decided to have an old time fellowship meeting featuring some young ministers since it is a youth reival.  We had the Calhoun Youth Group, who has some young men that have a call of God on their life.  So the second night, we had a "Fellowship Meeting" featuring several of their young men.  The final night, Rev. Dwight Fulton closed it out by preaching, "In The Blink Of An Eye".  This set will help you remember, that we don't need to forget the "Old Paths"!

Item #K103

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