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Church Cookbook

Price $12.00 
Our church made a cookbook featuring several recipes.  Also included in the recipes are some recipes from different missionaries around the world.   Click for details
Item #K106

Q's For the Life and Soul

Price $10.00 
The author writes over 400 quotes in this book.  They are good for church and signs and daily life.  Click for details
Item #S112

The Blood of Christ

Price $8.00 

This book presents an emotional picture of the apex in God’s relationship with man, coupled with various illustrations that the Word of God uses to expose the reader to the splendor of this truth.

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Item #S110

The Breakdown of Prayer

Price $10.00 

The author breaks down easy ways to pray, effictive keys to prayer, three keys to building faith in God, promises in prayer, and accessible reasons to do it for the kingdom.

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Item #S113